A comfortable ride while you explore the world

No matter how tough it looks on the outside, the 7-seater Endeavour is pure comfort on the inside with leather upholstery and an electric panoramic sun roof.

Seats seven in total comfort

With seven leather-upholstered seats, there’s plenty of room inside the Endeavour to take the whole family, team or whoever is coming along for the ride in total comfort and space.

LED Lighting

Signature LED lighting sleekly wraps around the headlamps, giving the Endeavour a continuous glow and added visibility.

Powerfold seats

The Endeavour makes it easy to find some extra space at the press of a button. The electric Powerfold 3rd row seat folds flat to give you a stable surface.

Power Tailgate

Our Power Tailgate opens and closes at the touch of a button, making it easier to pack a heavy load.

Seven airbags

Protection is key to your peace of mind. The airbags in the Endeavour provide a network of protection with front seat driver and passenger airbags and seat-mounted side airbags. Side-curtain airbags protect everyone in the front and back. There’s even an airbag for the driver’s knee.

Active Noise Cancellation

Inspired by the popular noise cancellation headphones, Endeavour’s Active Noise Cancellation uses three highly sensitive microphones to detect and measure engine noise, then cancels it using opposing sound waves.

Electric panoramic sun roof

Appreciate the great outdoors even when you’re indoors. The Endeavour’s Electric panoramic sun roof takes up almost 50% of the roof space so you can experience the outdoors, at the touch of a button.

Multi-intelligent instrument cluster

Know what’s working for you? View what features the Endeavour is using at any time easily on your dashboard right in front of you.

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    Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of ^Bluetooth® SIG Inc., and is used under license. Operating certain parts of the SYNC® system while driving can distract your attention away from the road and may be prohibited by local laws. Do not change system settings or enter data non-verbally (using your hands) while driving. Stop the vehicle in a safe and legal manner before attempting these operations. Always make sure that you comply with local road laws/ rules when using the SYNC® system. SYNC® promotes safer driving by ensuring hands are on wheels and eyes on the road. Ford does not recommend using mobile phone while driving. Overseas model shown in the videos. The features in the model available for India may vary from overseas model.