On Your Side

New Look. Same Attitude.

With its bold new exterior design, the All-New EcoSport always looks like it's ready for action – that's because it is. With a refreshed grille, hood and headlamps, it looks sportier than ever. s

LED Daytime Running Lamps

The All-New EcoSport's sleek and modern LED 'signature' running lights give the front a more distinctive and bold look, ensuring you always stand apart on the road.

205/50 R17 Alloy Wheels

Great looks, lightweight and extra strong too! Who said you can't have it all?

Multicolor Footwell Ambiente Lighting

Your EcoSport is always ready to fit your mood. So, happy, excited or blue, simply choose the right accent color that matches your mood, and off you go!

Smart and Intuitive Storage

With more than 20+ compartments in the All-New EcoSport, there's a spot for nearly everything. From your coffee cup and water bottle to your smartphone and tablet, there's room for it all. There's even a spot for an umbrella, for those surprise showers.

Central Console and Rear Armrest

Gone are the days when armrests only served one purpose. In the All-New EcoSport, the new centre console features a sliding armrest. Slide it back and it reveals an integrated storage bin where you can conveniently pack things away. There's a retractable armrest with cup holders in the backseat too!

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