On Your Side

The All-New EcoSport transforms every ride into an experience to remember. A powerful new engine and 6 Speed Automatic Transmission with Paddle Shift, put fun on your side, on every ride.

1.5l Ti-VCT Petrol Engine

Ford’s powerful new engine is designed to deliver superior performance on every road. Providing power at 123PS (90.5kW) and torque numbers of 150 Nm, this three-cylinder engine puts fun on your side.


Aerodynamic Design

The All-New EcoSport’s enhanced aerodynamic design is more than a style enhancement. The special design helps save fuel – making it both eco-friendly and economical. Now that’s being on your side. Fun Fact: Ford engineers worked nearly 1,000,000 hours to perfect EcoSport's aerodynamic, fuel-saving design.

6-Speed AT with Paddle Shift

Changing gears is easier than ever in EcoSport. The Paddle Shift lever, right on the steering wheel, allows you to make the most out of EcoSport's 6 Speed Automatic Transmission.

Cruise Control with Adjustable Speed Limiter Device

Got a long drive ahead? No problem. Just set your top speed on Cruise Control with Adjustable Speed Limiter Device, and EcoSport will make sure it maintains your speed for you; just sit back, relax and enjoy the drive.

Power Fold Mirrors With Puddle Lamps

Style meets function in the All-New EcoSport. Power fold Mirrors that fold in, enable the car to fit into narrow spaces. Puddle lamps automatically light up when you open the door, ensuring you never step into puddles, even by mistake.

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