On Your Side

Even the smallest details in the All-New EcoSport are designed to make your drive exceptional. From rear seats that fold up to create more space, the All-New EcoSport is on your side, in ways big and small.

Smart Spaces

The All-New EcoSport makes every load manageable, but never at the cost of your comfort. EcoSport adapts to your life to make your drive more fun.

Auto-Dimming Mirrors

Find yourself blinded by tailgaters obstructing your view? The Electrochromic technology in EcoSport's rearview mirror darkens automatically at night in response to headlights, reducing glare and making night drives more comfortable and safe.

Hill Launch Assist

The secret to perfect hill starts. Hill Launch Assist holds the brake for a few seconds after you take your foot off, giving you the time to smoothly accelerate away, without rolling. Even if others park too close, there’s no need to sweat. And it works in both directions: uphill and downhill. (Automatic Transmission only.)

Electric Stability Control

Need to drive across rough roads or round corners, even in bad weather? Handle it like a pro with Electric Stability Control. All-New EcoSport is on your side, on every road.

6 Airbags

The All-New EcoSport puts extra protection on your side with six airbags. Front and side airbags for the driver and front seat passenger, side and curtain airbags for front and rear seats. We've got you covered all-around.

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